the break-up but I've got a new love already! BOOM (literally and gesturely, is that a word?)

So I used Keranique for about three weeks and let me tell you, this stuff actually works. My hairy is creepily (is that a word) longer and much thicker. Its a great product my issue is consistency and having to wash my hair everyday.

I'm a black woman with black woman hair. I once read somewhere that we're supposed to wash our hair every few days but I know many sistahs that dont wash their hair for about 2 weeks to a month or MORE! That washing my hair everyday had me feeling like I was going to end up with pores all open just letting all kinds of germs in. Just couldnt do it. BUT I have decided to keep my subscription so when I do finally take my weaves out I'll have a really great product to put in my hair.

 Plus as much as I love wigs I didnt see them as a long term option. I must say I get pretty insecure with wigs even if they're secured...they make me socially awkard and makes sex weird...tmi I know but I'm just saying...what's worse than trying to be sexy and your hair falls off (whole other blog ladies...smh).....can't hug people afraid its gonna slip off...didnt want to go to crowded clubs cause if someone scooted by against my hair  BOOM my hair is moving across my head and Weaves are my thing until I'm comfortable with my own hair again...

Speaking of weaves and BOOM I've found a new hair called Boom by Zury, Egyptian Wave. It looked good on the manequin but was a little thin so I was sketchy because I love my big hair. So I purchased three packs colors 4 and 2. ($24.99 a pack)

                                                                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^lady on package
Its meant to be layered so in each pack you get an 8 inch 10 inch 12 inch and 14 inch track as well as a closure.

I sewed two 14's two 12's three 10's and the closure and cut the top into layers which I couldve and shouldve used the 8 inch for which is probably why they sell the packs this way. Its ok to cut the hair buuuuuuuuuuut make sure you cut in the pattern of the wave...otherwise you end up looking like you just left a rock concert OR suffered from electric shock.

So after I put the hair in I didnt like it , it looked weird so I broke out my handy dandy wig brush to kind of part the waves if that makes sense. Not in a Moses sort of way but part the waves in like a make the hair look full but not crazy type of way. lol


Maintenance is simple just section the hair in two parts like you were going to style the hair in pigtails. Twist each section and pin or clip on the top of your head and wrap with a scarf.

I think you can put heat on the hair its 100% human hair,  but I wouldnt want to flatten the curls/waves so I bought some biosilk which isnt too heavy of a hair replinsher sheen product for when the hair starts looking old and dull.



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