hairykat gets messy: tell us how you k.i.s.s.when it comes to your hair and the bedroom

mya is by far one of my favorite artists and I feel like she's so underrated and often forgot about with the newest popstars on the scene. not to discredit their talent at all but I just love her swag as an artist.

on her latest album k.i.s.s. (keep it sexy and simple) she has a song entitled "mess up my hair" which is my fav song on the album...does it sound like drake and rhianna's "what's my name?'' sure ....a little BUT she adds her own flavor to it which I simply cant get enough of!

so tell me ladies, how do you feel about a guy messing up your hair? lol mya has some natural tresses that are absolutely gorgeous so I'm sure she has no problem having her hair messed up...but to all my wig, weave natural rocking ladies with HIGH maintenance hair, what are your hair protection tactics? and do these tactics allow you to keep it sexy??????

singing: "go baby, imma let my hair down" :) click play!


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