find the "bad girl" in you and go goldilocks

Hello My Little Furballs, lol

Welcome back to the HairyKat Chronicles , I''ve been feeling a little dull and a little safe with my looks latetly and needed to unleash my inner bad girl. Too bad my hair has to suffer through these phases.

Anywho, with summer being around the corner I figured why not try a new color to get me summer ready. I've had almost every hair color but never the blonde. This hair I'm working now is more gold than blonde but its working for me.

I knew I wanted a short do' but I'm always nervous about it because I have such huge boobs lol. I can kind of hide them behind longer hair but when my hair is short their just there! I know I know its all in my head...they're there all the time LOL

But at 27 its time to be confident about my mind body soul and hair no matter what color it is or how it looks. There's no greater feeling than a makeover though and this one was drastic.

I went and saw my favorite little salesperson Sue over at Lux Beauty Supply. I went cheap and mixed hair brands...typical me, yaw should know how I roll by now.

For technique I used a little over half a pack of Bobbi Boss straight hair color #27  for the top I used Milky Way's #30 ( entire pack), both 10 inch.

After I weaved the hair in I broke out my scissors and razor comb and started shaping my new do'.  I wrapped it after  the cutting was complete to keep it straight. 

I was a little nervous about how bright it is but paired with cute simple earrings and my favorite pink inner bad girl is alive and kicking....

Really quick though: let's not forget the rules of going light:

#1. Dark ass eyebrows are a no-no! If you use eyebrow pencil like myself, you might want to transition from black to brown...but pls whatever you do DO NOT BLEACH YOUR EYEBROWS either!

#2. Make sure the color you pick matches your complexion. Any comment I make after that rule would be rude so just make sure you're not making a fool of yourself!

#3. Your clothes will now have to match your hair! lol unfortunately blonde hair on women of color especially us caramel mochas to milk chocolates stands out so your clothing colors honestly should be a little more subtle than your hair.

#4 Just have fun with it. Its just hair and can be changed! #Fact!

Take a look at my results and a few of my favorite celebs rocking the blonde!

                                                                       Keyshia Cole
                                                                           Mary J Blige
                                                                   Mary Mary
                                                 The-Dream (he actually lost a bet and went blonde as a result, but he still knows what's up LOL)


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