kats have nine lives?: reviving hip-hop

hey hairykats,

since I'm still a blonde but want to keep your attention I thought I'd touch on that common saying "hip-hop is dead' its sort of depressing to hear when music is personified in your heart as a love that never ends.

music for me is expressionism, if I can't say it I bet your bottom dollar that there is a song that can say it for me, either that or a hallmark card. lol!

but is hip-hop really dead? and where did it go? with tupac? biggie? was it left on lil wayne's the carter I?, or maybe even the sq-4 mixtape? did jay-z it take with him once he climbed atop the throne and moguled it? did andre 3000 leave it behind when he decided to do a little acting? did nas oochie-wally it so that we'd never embrace him with one mic again? or has wale sabotaged it?

I can honestly go on like this for hours lol! but what really happened to hip-hop and why is rap and hip-hop considered two different genres now? I personally feel like everything is starting to sound the same, at least the mainstream music. Everyone's rich, full of hoes, but will sell dope if they had to, and will sick shooters on you, so that they can all politely proceed to the strip club or they are at rave parties and making music to climb the uk charts to the point that they will never have to make another song again.

but what about us who long for that lyricist to vibe with, the ones that give you goosebumps from the poetic way with words, the ones that make you laugh at their metaphors, while everyone is out stating the obvious. I miss that about music, I miss thinking rather than bouncing and being bored with songs AT THE SAME DAMN TIME lol (sorry future, I hate that song!)

Is hip-hop really dead, and what's killing it? record labels? fame? endorsements? I think we music lovers forget about the business side of things. We fall in love with these Indie artists or mixtape artist but once they're in the business hip-hop becomes a commerical album to appeal to the masses and we have to wait for our once favored artists to let loose on a mixtape somewhere, until then hip-hop remains on life support.....

so well...in the spirit of this blog , the hairykat chronicles, let me introduce you to nine (nine lives, cats, dead hip-hop, get it? no? whatever!lol)  artists that says for me, hip-hop isnt dead just yet:


Hailing from DC- Yu is a Mello-Music group artist and is apart of the Diamond District trio. As a group they dropped In the Ruff in 2009. Yu follows this album with Before Taxes in 2010 and the most recent The-Earn released December 2011. Check out my favorite from Yu from his 2010 album Before Taxes called BreakDown featuring the Curtis Mayfield sample Break it Down.

Trip Lee

Straight of of St. Louis Trip Lee is a Christian rapper and is signed to Reach Records. He released his first record If They Only Knew in 2006 and followed with the releases of 20/20 and Between Two Worlds in 2008 and 2010. His latest release The Good Life is a force to be reckoned with. Check out my favorite album on the track titled Know Me


Phonte is a former member of Little Brother AND Foreign Exchange. He has the ability to rap and sing. His first solo album dropped in 2011 titled Charity Starts at Home. Check out my favorite track Who Loves You More ft. Eric Roberson


Young Murph

Young Murph the Kidd hails from East Oakland and is apart of the L7 Dummy Gang. He has released  a mixtape : 2010's Nightime Sunshine and followed with the 2011 Murphy Pan's Labyrinth EP featuring my favorite track "Sippy Champagne"

Dizzy Wright

Dizzy Wright is a 21 year old rapper from Las Vegas, Nevada and is a Bluestar Records Artist. His discography consist of mixtapes Soul Searching and the most recent release Smoked Out Conversations. Check out my favorite track titled "F Your Opinion"

Krizz Kaliko

Krizz Kaliko has been around for a while teaming up with Tech Nine since the 90's. He comes fresh out of Kansas City.He is signed to Strange Music and has released 4 albums with the first dropping in 2008 titled Vitiligo, followed by the 2009 Genius, 2010 Shock Treatment, and the very recent release of Kicking and Screaming. He has an amazing singing voice too! Check out my fav Krizz Kaliko song called Kill Shit


Danny Brown

Danny Brown reigns from Detroit and is signed to Fool's Gold Records. He's been dropping the Detroit State of Mind Mixtapes since 2007. He's released 3 independent album's with the latest titled XXX. Check out my favorite track titled Pac Blood



Logic comes from New York City and has been dropping music since 2000! He is gaining underground buzz from his 2012 mixtape Young Sinatra. Check out my favorite track by Logic titled Just Another Day


Thurz comes from Inglewood (whoop whoop lol) and apart of  U-N-I-. Thurz dropped his first solo album last year titled LA Riot. It feels so N.W.A. Check out my fav Thurz track titled Prayer


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