and it is really my birthday....

Its that time of year when I celebrate my life with the excitement of a 5 year old. My 28th birthday is June 21st and I am extremely excited as always.

If you know me I have a hair for every occassion! I'm talking red hair with a Farrah Fawcett feathers for Thanksgiving, I even have two different styles for Christmas and New Years and my birthday is no different.

But this year the pressure is on you. I have an idea of how I want my hair for my birthday but I'd thought it would be more fun for my readers to participate. So from now through June 19th take the poll and vote on which style I should rock for my birthday!

Scroll to the top of the homepage of this blog to cast your vote!

Poll responsibly :)

Curly and Blonde
                                                                   Short and Blonde
                                                                Long and Black

                                                      Curly and Brownish/Black


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