Maintaining your curls

Hey HairyKats,

I've been rocking a sew in for a while but had to put in my interim weave to last the two weeks between my next appointment. Nonetheless if you've learned anything about me in these blogs you know spending money on weaves is not my Fortay. I wanted to go curly so I picked up some. 16 inch Milky Way deep curl 15.99 per pack lol. Cheap hair is visibly evident but I've learned a few tricks to spruce it up.

Instead of using leave in conditioner I o use regular conditioner because its heavier than most leave in conditioners. It helps relieve that matting element from cheap hair

Here's my routine:

At night I twist the hair into two pigtails and cover with my scarf.

In the morning I remove the scarf and untwist the pigtails and allow the hair to get wet in the shower.. Just s little wet though not drenched!

I thin rub a small amount of conditioner on the hair and start to separate the curls.

It's simple I wouldn't do it more than once a week as conditioner will cake up on you!

Good luck HairyKats, results below


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