From Under the Hat: What's Kat rocking?: The Remi Collection

Hey HairyKats,

As a hair connoisseur we all know I'm always looking for great quality at a reasonable price. So my latest hair adventure has been amazing. I'm still on my old school kick buying packaged hair lol in the world of bundles. The bundles just confuse me. All I know is I want a lot of hair on my head. LOL.

So originally I wanted body wave hair but couldn't find what I was looking for. I  kept looking and looking and bingo, I stumbled upon this Indian Hair by the Remi Collection. Its processed Indian hair which means its been dyed, basically its not virgin. But the texture feels amazing. Its thick and not thinned out at the end. It feels so velvety and get this its only $60 per pack for 14 inch. I got two! You all know I was George Jefferson/Martin dancing at this steal.

It hasn't tangled on me yet. This hair feels soooo good. And when its wet its wet and wavy like the typical Indian hair strands. I haven't tried that look yet but I intend to have it in long enough to explore.

I love love love this hair. The beauty supply I went to won't be selling it anymore but I found a website called that carries it. Direct link (

So come from under the hat and check out The Remi Collection's Indian Hair.


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