The Album of Anthems: Hear comes Ciara!

Its Ciara-eve. Ciara's 5th studio album entitled Ciara drops tomorrow and you can hear her coming in each and every track. As a day one Ciara fan and supporting every single one of her albums I'm excited to see her evolve as an artist. Her previous albums didn't meet with much commercial success but after 10 years in the music industry it seems as if she's taken some notes on what really works for her as an artist including choosing which producers to work with, and finally found the formula to produce which may be the best album of her musical career.

I love her level of confidence in her lyrics on this album. If you've ever seen Ciara in interviews she's always extremely humble and giggly, the exact opposite of who she is when she performs and what she exudes on this album in songs like Keep On Looking: "I'm on another level/you should come and get like me/can't no one do it better/is that so hard to believe".

Something about this album seems like a light bulb went off and Ciara realized she's actually a force to be reckoned with. I think Ciara is deserving of some accolades for her consistency to give us good singles over the years, I honestly think she is one of the great female entertainers of our time amongst other things (she's earned her way on my list of fashion icons as well. )

Truth be told, Ciara is not necessarily vocally competitive amongst her female RnB peers, however, she does have her own distinct sound, and is untouchable on the dance floor/stage. But I realize this is an album and not a dance off. Nonetheless, I think she took more vocal risks on this album than before on songs such as Where You Go featuring Future. Yet, travelled back to 2003 to give us what originally made us fall in love with her. Anthems!

This album is full of Anthems for the ladies and a heavy rotation of dance tracks. Ballads like the single Sorry did not make the tracklist. Nonetheless, this album still has it all from EDM tracks like Overdose, to Slow Jams like Backseat Love, to the anthems on tracks like Keep On Lookin, I'm Out, Sophomore, all songs with chant like hooks and heavy bass beats. I remember the first time I heard Goodies and was instantly hooked. I feel the same way about this album. Although there were songs that were great on her last 3 albums they didn't necessarily work as a collective body of work. This self-entitled album Ciara does that! Ciara has done it!

Check out the tracks from the album below including our favorite track Backseat Love, some of our favorite Ciara Fashion moments, and videos.


Track 1: I'm Out ft. Nicki Minaj

Track 2: Sophomore
Track 3: Body Party

Track 4. Keep on Lookin

Track 5 Read My Lips

Track 6: Where You Go (ft. Future)

Track 7: Super Turnt Up
Track 8: DUI
Track 9: Livin it Up ft Nicki Minaj
Track 10: Overdose
Bonus Track: Backseat Love


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