A Man, By Definition Spoken Word by Katrina Franklin

I felt like writing ....here we go:

  A man an artist by nature his words come to life in his actions
adversity strikes him on his back like whips and he does not bend break nor flinch but stands taller and rises to the occassion in every instance he respects her like she is his mother and cares for her like he would his daughter a man pours life and knowledge into his own creations and even if what he's planted is not of his own seeds he can look in their eyes and see hers and love them as if their roots are of his vine even when the others have turned over new soil and refuse to teach them how to grow but leave them to wither and die
a man never succumbs to the pressure to maintain an image perpetuated by the non man around him

A non man cannot stand alone but runs in packs and crews they are his backbone where he has none he is visibly strong and eternally weak because internally he never peaked beyond his childlike demeanor of look at me and love me please  he cannot see past material possession because that's all he had things loved him not people and he is validated by the non woman he surronds himself with his ego is stroked with the brush of selfish harvesting of gardens that grow seeds of half truths and half homes and half love because he had none and has none to give to himself or to anyone else . a non man cannot stand because he never learned to crawl but had to walk like he was a man before he could become a man because the non man before him walked out the door and he had been mimicking him ever since.

A woman knows her faults and loves them loves your faults and nurtures them her mind body and spirit are only left vulnerable to God a man must seek thee  to find her that is the essence of her G spot not of sexual satisfaction but of spiritual relationship with Him to get to her. she is never broken but is the bonding between truth and life she is not pressured to conform to fit in not into clothing or crowds she is her  defined by her intelligence stimulated by her curosity of the world
she speaks kindness yet her presence demands respect her eyes can pierce souls to conquer hearts she is resilient yet fragile she is by definition the epitome of life a beautiful storm that reigns and gives life speaks peace and never loses sight of who she is based on what they tell her she ought to be

A non woman is the misery that needs company she finds pleasure in the misfortune of others so that she doesn't have to focus on her own she is hollow yet filled with regret her walk of shames dictated by her lust for famous names she is weak in mind incapable of action and disloyal in love she is the mess created by misconstrued love that was only a good time she is weak in soul she is swayed by attention and driven by reward even if she's everyone else's prize

We get caught up in the matrix of non man with woman and a man with non woman which becomes the hybrid of our truth transforming one into the other or. breeding offspring of hurt and confusion our outlook becomes jaded by the experiences and soon we become one of them non.



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