The Kat's Meow: Interview with DJ LA LA L&ND

The Kat's Meow is the official interview segment of the The HairyKat Chronicles. This week we caught up with the beautiful DJ LA LA L&ND to pick her brain about the life of a female DJ. Check out her insight in the interview below.

HK: “How did you get interested in DJ-ing?”

DJ LaLa L&ND: “Music has always been a part of my life. I was introduced to Scratch DJ Academy when my Uncle started in 2005. When my Uncle passed away in 2006 I kept in touch with the instructors. I did a free class in 2010 and joined in January 2011. A few classes later I got hooked to it and now it’s something that I love. “


HK: “Take us down memory lane and tell us about the first DJ set you ever played”.

DJ LaLa L&ND: “It was for my school, it was the 2nd class I had taken (M202). We had to do a 6 song set, the goal was to be picked to play for graduation. Only two people were going to be picked out of the entire class.  I was so nervous, but I worked so hard on it, I would work on it after working at a hospital. It was an all 90’s music set. I ended up getting picked and got to play at graduation.”


HK: “DJ-ing is seemingly a male dominated industry. What sorts of barriers do you feel exist, if any, for female DJs?”

DJ LaLa L&ND: “I don’t feel like there’s barriers. I feel more like we’re underestimated because there are some women that do it for the look and not for the skill.  But once you break it down and show that you have the skills, I feel like you get treated just as equal as male DJ’s. I feel like I get treated just as equal as male DJ’s.”


HK: “What influences your DJ mixes when you’re preparing for a set?”

DJ LaLa L&ND: “It depends on the feel of the crowd. I love to mix New Jack Swing with the new “Ratchet” music, I guess it’s called. It also depends on what’s playing at the time, which depicts what songs can go together.”

HK: “So you don’t pre-record your sets?”

DJ LaLa L&ND: “No, everything is on the spot. The only thing I prepare is the songs I may want to use for a set.”


HK: “What’s your go to song that you know will get listeners hyped up?”

DJ LaLa L&ND: “With new music, it really depends on what’s hot at the moment.  My go to music is 90s to early 2000s usually Busta Rhymes- Put your Hands Where My Eyes Can See, Mary J. Blige- Real Love, Michael Jackson-Remember the Time.  


HK: “How do you think the role of the DJ has shifted in music culture over the past decade?”

DJ LaLa L&ND: “I don’t feel like people think DJ’s are as important anymore. I feel like people think the venue or the food is more important. Or there’s so many people that call themselves DJ’s that people think anyone can do it.  I don’t think it’s taken as seriously anymore. But, we prepare for hours like any other job. We actually put time into our craft. We research music. I don’t feel like DJ’s get as much recognition as they used to.”


HK: “What advice would you give to any up and coming DJ’s?”

DJ LaLa L&ND: “I would say, if you’re going to DJ do it because you love it not based on the possibilities that can come from DJ-ing. It’s hard and it takes passion. Put the time in to make your skill stronger and network, know your music, and keep the love for it alive.”


HK: “This is a funny question, but I have to ask it because I see people do it all the time, Do DJ’s get annoyed when people requests songs?”

DJ LaLa L&ND: “So the whole thing with request is, personally it’s not annoying until someone is being demanding about playing a song they want to hear. When we’re DJ-ing, we’re in the zone. It gets frustrating when they demand a song and they expect to hear it right then and there and it may not be with the vibe of what’s going on.  Some DJ’s won’t play the song unless you pay them. Yea, I don’t mind it just depends on the delivery of the request. “



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